Zip Line Vacation Fail….

Zip Line Vacation Fail.



  1. As a big man myself.. I can tell you my brother, you have no business being on a zip line.

  2. Not being mean but I think you need to be able to hold up your own body weight to do this

  3. * girl tip* If the vest doesn’t hold your tittys together…you need a bigger vest.

  4. I said in the first 5 seconds he was gonna’ fall off. You have to be harnessed in to zipline. No ones arms can hold their entire body weight while ziplining without being harnessed in.

  5. I’m too impatient, can’t stand to watch a video that long. Didn’t see the end and didn’t feel like fast fwding

  6. A little tip, if you can’t hold up your own body weight, this is not an activity for you. Ouch!