These guys came to the rescue to help this poor dog who got her teeth stuck in h…

These guys came to the rescue to help this poor dog who got her teeth stuck in her cage 😮👏



  1. And this is why I’ve never crated my doggehs. They are our family members and need to be treated as such.

  2. So not the point of the video- but that man is awesome under pressure and is taking that criticism so so well! I would have snapped! Well done sir!

  3. I would just tell that woman to go away and keep quiet. I’m sure the firefighter was more experienced in cutting etc than she had yet she telling him to do his job 🙄🙄

  4. A lot of people crate their dogs at night. Many dogs (maybe not this one) find comfort in their kennels and freely go in and out throughout the day. Many even go to their kennels when they are frightened.
    I personally do not crate my fur baby. She sleeps on the bed with me.

  5. Crate training is so important for dogs. It gives them a safe space of their own, helps keep them out of the way while things need doing, and is much safer for them to travel in than being loose. If you don’t want to cage them up then fine but it’s just the same as locking your dog in a room using doors and baby gates. If your dog ever goes to a vet it will be put in a cage. It’s up to you whether or not you train it to react calmly to that.

  6. the dog should have never been in the cage in the first place.
    but good job for the rescue.

  7. How thick is that guy?? Three snips to the central mesh frees the dog’s upper jaw. No, I’ll just take forever while the dog is distressed and get my mate to film it so we look like heroes. No, you prolonged the dogs suffering cos you never had puzzles as a kid.

  8. JFC. Just because all of you animal experts don’t crate train your dogs and think this is abuse doesn’t mean this woman wasn’t trying to do the right thing. Lots of pups feel safe “in their beds.” It’s THEIR space. This doggo just happened upon an accident. Crate training is NORMAL! And some dogs enjoy being in there. 🙄

  9. Look cages are not bad we had one for ours difference was we took the door completely of so they could go in and out, they was never forced in fact during the night that’s were they liked to be.

  10. People in this thread clearly are not educated on crate training. My dog suffers from anxiety if I’m not home so she goes right in her crate on her own and if she were left out she would literally chew anything with my scent on it she’s 9 not a puppy. Also it is her safe place to get away from the kids to relax she is not in it more than she needs to be she definitely lets you know when she wants out

  11. I love the patience of the fireman. Even when he was told to do differently he sticks to what is right and politely declines haha

  12. Typical woman as per! Calls someone in to fix her problem then becomes a professional and tells the professional how to do his job and is wrong as usual 🧐🤦‍♀️

  13. Everyone complaining about putting there dogs in a cage, my dog goes in her cage when I’m out the house because she has separation anxiety the cage keeps her chill and has never bothered her 🙄 p.s shes a very spoilt dog

  14. Hate that people put there dogs in cages! Dont have them if they aren’t allowed to be free to roam the house. They are supposed to be part of the family.

  15. I know someone dog who did this and they were out when it happened came back to find there dog dead as it had swallowed its tongue where its teeth were caught, it’s simple dont put your dog in a cage! Cages are horrible things

  16. Someone staple that idiots mouth shut. And then slap her for crating a dog with all that shit on it as well. And then slap her again because if the dog was crate trained properly in the first place it wouldn’t have been trying to eat it’s way out of it.

  17. Some dogs are too excitable and honestly need brief visits to a cage to chill the fuck out , never had a dog myself but know plenty dog owners and it’s pretty normal , they don’t live in that cage