The String phone.

The String phone.



  1. At the age of 6, I was looking forward to my school cone (I dont know it is the right word for it, in Germany we say Schultüte) and the Lego in it

  2. Phone, so i could call? Hahaha, oneway street from parents to me, had to rock these badboys!

  3. My phone at the age of 6 had a ring tone “Ayaiyai, I’m your little butterfly”

  4. Casper Grönberg tidena ändras, barnen ändras, uppförande ändras, men 1994 killana stannar de samma, tacksamma för litet, minnena vackra, dagana tibaka vi inte få, men en tillbakablick då och då! -Casimir Schauman

  5. 🎶Ay, ay, ay
    I’m your little butterfly
    Green, black and blue
    Make the colours in the sky🎶

  6. 6 years, let me tell you something.

    I was born in 89, so the year when i was 6 is 95.
    So no, there’s no phone yet (for me) untill i was on high school 2007.

  7. Célestine Angenon op die leeftijd wistk wss nie eens wat een gsm was😂😅🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. WTF a phone at age of 6. At that time i was eating breakfast really slow hoping i can skip school that way.