Teachers share parental horror stories

Teachers share parental horror stories 👉



  1. The US leader is a perfect example of a lack of anything human. Morals, respect, education, and empathy, to name a few.

  2. Liberal parenting has led to the state of our country. More mentally ill kids, more mass killings, less respect for cops, teachers, laws and lawmakers, and adults in general.

  3. Snowflake parenting.
    Are you a snowflake?
    Do you parent like a Snowflake?
    It’s ok, I’m sure it is Trump’s fault. 🤣

  4. I’m curious what teachers do when parents go crazy on their ass. Do they just take it🤔 I would be like no…xyz

  5. I’d beat both their asses! It’s all discipline! They both gon learn discipline today!😎👏👊🏼👊🏼🦶🏼

  6. Despicable the parents need to be treated like that that’s what’s wrong with kids have no respect none

  7. I’m so sorry, that mother should be arrested for child abuse, she is destroying this kids future, CPS should be called on her! If you don’t know why, then the future of your children is at stake as well !