Miss you Yuvi

Miss you Yuvi 😢😢



  1. As per this logic,

    Dhoni stats are having more number of times played beter than yuvi.

    That means I am not telling dhoni is greater than yuvi.


    The fact is

    Even a good medicine is also an expire date. And it won’t work after that expiry date.

    We all know Yuvi played very well and won matches for us in past.

    At present situation, he is not that much capable.

  2. Some of the strange things happening in this world cup:-

    1. 3rd & 4th finished teams are playing finals eventually.
    2. Two new teams into finals had a chance to win there first ever world cup although they have been into finals earlier.
    3. Things hard to break….diamond… titanium…..Bairstow-Roy partnership.
    4.Ultimately “World cup is coming Holmes” is only seems to happen…inspite of “Crown cricket ka madam hi hum lejaenge”…are these star sports mocking videos turns out to be “Pannuti” Everytime for India, over-confidence……or just coincidence.
    5. Above point number 4 also coz of V-Seven pictures video of “Mauka Mauka”.They did for pakistan got hitback in CT 2017….did for England this time got hitback again….taking new Zealand lightly…rest is history.
    6. Host team chance of winning world cup seems to be coming true Everytime…. although finals are yet to go…….but think of 2023 host is India….but India are famous for breaking the monotony.
    7. Only Indian consistent big guns (kohli )not firing in big games….. others teams still have theirs some one standing at least .( Kane, Root, Smith.)
    8. Least believed , most trolled players are actually your match makers or winners at the end…… history is gawah….yuvi.gambhir. dhoni.zaheer.

  3. Yuvi had his time, now someone has to take up the mantle.
    Leave the past and think about the future