Art through destruction by Phil Hansen…

Art through destruction by Phil Hansen
Credits: @philinthecircle



  1. An amazingly talented guy who has turned a negative to a positive 👍🏻but totally bonkers to destroy that work and not sell it, the money could always be put to good use 💋

  2. I can’t describe how much I hate the fact that he just destroyed the most awesome portrait of Kurt Cobain.

  3. OK artists, here’s my question. When I watch him burn the canvas for the Tesla portrait I’m wondering does he “see” where each dot needs to go in his mind as he works the blank canvas? There didn’t appear to be any rough sketch or guide lines there. I just want to understand how an artist’s mind works in this instance.

  4. Great works …but why destroy them. Isn’t the point of main art is to sell what you create so you can support yourself???

  5. Sorry mate, some of your work is not art. It’s just a waste of food. There is a lot of hungry people out there.

  6. So, essentially he wastes a lot, puts more trash on the earth, and doesnt earn his living this way?
    It is a great talent that he has but why destroy? Also, food is completely wasted instead of feeding others.

  7. He can through his job and destroy his simble that can show us that feeling what we realy want … detroy him like detroy what we try to build…..think about my husband I feel so sad…..

  8. Comprendre que tout est envisageable, mais surtout que rien n est permanent dans notre monde. Sauf la divine créativité.

  9. Christine Scott the snoop Dogg made from Gin and Juice is pretty special. I might make a portrait of you out of peanut butter!

  10. I’m confused as to why he is destroying some of these that don’t necessarily have to be destroyed. I suppose people pay good money through platforms online that he doesn’t even have to physically sell anything. Such a waste.

  11. Makes no sense destroying his creations at the end. Personally I don’t want to hear from him again

  12. So, all these animals had to suffer die only so that some guy can make a picture out of it? And then it is wasted? That’s not art, that’s disrespect.